Linda Secrist's Story

Hey everyone , I'm Linda Secrist, some of you may know me . I just wanted to let you know a little of my story , where I came from and why I workout the way I do.

On may 4 , 2011 at the age of 44 , I had a massive heart attack , they put in 2 Stents in one surgery and I had to wait for a 3rd Stent because it was to dangerous at the time. I was not allowed to work or lift anything over 7 lbs. I sat around feeling sorry for myself and thinking my life was over , after 3 months they finally allowed me to go back to work and told me I had a 50 /50 shot at fixing the damaged part of my heart , I'm thinking wait....I can fix this? Oh yeah diet and exercise minimum 5 days a week.

Before the heart attack I was 198 lbs extremely out of shape ( I got winded from a flight of stairs ) I didn't know if I could really pull this off ,But any shot is better than no shot. I started that night , there was no way I was going to let this take me down. I dropped 36 lbs and then I got stuck and started to lose my motivation . That's when I joined staying fit