Linda is a MOM of 3, who enjoys working from home, homeschooling and dedicating time to fitness.  Linda is an IFBB Figure Pro competitor and certified personal trainer that is passionate about helping others to enhance their lives.  She enjoys spending time with her family and close friends, camping, boating, vacations, riding horses, swimming in the backyard and most of all cuddle time before bed.   Linda believes it is never too early to teach health and wellness and the younger we start the less we have to fix later. The difference we make now will last a lifetime. Linda competed for the first time just 8.5 months after having baby #3.  She has developed the passion to help moms, and women of all ages to know we can accomplish any and all fitness and life goals.  Linda’s loving husband, and best friend, Paul Davy makes each day possible.  “I am so blessed to have so much love in my life, the least I can do is give, give, give it back”.  Linda is very excited about being an owner of Stayin Fit and Lovin It! because she knows it is going to make a huge impact on the community by focusing on Wellness, our children, community and Charity, all the things she has a great belief in.

Credentials and Accomplishments:

  • IFBB figure Pro
  • CF-L1 instructor
  • Certified Personal Trainer with AFAA
  • Certified kickbox instructor AAAI, IFTA
  • Cycling Certified
  • Certified Piloxing
  • Certified Feirce 4
  • Certified Shred
  • Certified Tabata
  • Certified Sports Nutrition and Childhood obesity
  • Certified Breast Cancer Wellness Coach
  • NPC Mile High 12' 1st place Masters and Overall Masters winner
  • NPC Mile High 12' 3rd place Class D
  • NPC Rocky Mtn 11' 5th place Class D and Masters
  • NPC Mile High 09 2nd place Class D
  • NPC Northern Co. competition 5th place
  • NPC 2012 Battle of Champions 1st place Tall Class, 1st Place Masters, Overall Figure Champion
  • 4th place Master Nationals
  • Pro Card North American Championships 2013
Linda's is the founder of the Stayin Home and Lovin It TEAM this team allows 1,000's of families financial security, freedom and peace of mind to focus on helping others.   Improve your overall wellness... GET harsh chemicals out of your home we have the answer for you